Language Model

English Immersion

A child’s brain is an amazing creation of God and is most capable of learning a new language at an early age. For this reason, students in our PreK program are immersed in English for a majority of the school day to give them a head start in learning communication skills.

In lower elementary (grades K-2), students are immersed in English as they have developed a level of comfort in the language. This immersion model allows most students to master the tools needed for English fluency. As students enter into upper elementary (grades 3-5), instruction gradually moves to a bilingual model, giving students the opportunity to learn foundational academic language in Spanish as well.

Upon entering middle school (grades 6-8) and throughout high school (grades 9-12), students will receive instruction equally in both languages. This model gives our students the best opportunity to graduate from ACA fully bilingual.


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