Did you know?

Right now, students are waiting for a sponsor like you!


More than half of our incoming students qualify for tuition assistance but are waiting for committed sponsors in order to enroll. Help their dreams come true today with a monthly or special donation of any amount.

How does it work?

What is the total tuition cost for one student for the school year?

PreK Students  —  $55,000 RD Pesos  ($1,134 USD)

Elementary Students  —  $66,000 RD Pesos  ($1,361 USD)

What is the monthly tuition cost for one student?

PreK Students  —  $4,600 RD Pesos  ($94.85 USD)

Elementary Students  —  $5,700 RD Pesos  ($117.53 USD)

*paid for ten months (August through May) plus the inscription fee of $9,000 RD Pesos ($185.57 USD)

What does student tuition provide?

All text books, classroom supplies, field trips, and music & art classes

How are scholarship students and families chosen?

All families wishing to receive a scholarship go through an application process that includes a meeting with the director, personal / pastoral and professional references, and a report that details their personal income and expenses. Additionally, students must pass the corresponding entrance exam for their grade level. These steps are taken so that we may give funds to families according to their need.

When are scholarships awarded?

Scholarships are awarded during the months of February – August before the school year begins.

How many scholarships are awarded?

Up to seven students in each grade level may receive a scholarship.

How is my donation used?

Your donation is transferred directly from our account with TeachBeyond into our “General Funds” account here in the DR. Your gift is allocated for the scholarship needs of students in a specific grade level and is used to provide textbooks, classroom materials, field trips, Dominican teacher salaries, and utilities.

Will I be matched with one specific student?

Instead of being matched with one specific student, as a monthly sponsor you will be matched with a specific grade level and have the opportunity to grow with these students through their graduation from ACA.

Matching you this way allows you to build relationships with the 10-15 students in your class while protecting the privacy of students and families who have been awarded scholarships. Maintaining the “anonymity” of our sponsored students is essential in creating an inclusive culture within our classrooms that does not discriminate based on socioeconomic status.

How often will I hear from my sponsor class?

As a classroom sponsor, you are free to write or email your class as often as you’d like! Each class is committed to communicating with you at least once each semester, and different classes may communicate even more often!

What if a sponsored student is no longer able to attend ACA?

One of the beautiful reasons we match you as a classroom sponsor is so that you can connect with multiple students in your grade level. Occasionally some of our sponsor students cannot return to ACA the following year. However, rest assured that your donation will continue supporting the remaining students in your class and provide the opportunity for a new sponsored student to join them!

Can I come visit my sponsored class?

Yes! Absolutely, yes! Our students are thrilled when you come to visit them. Contact us today to coordinate a trip.

Mission & Vision

Arbor Christian Academy exists to provide an exemplary Christian education with an English immersion program, where students are provided with age-appropriate academic rigor and students and families have the opportunity to know Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

We at Arbor Christian Academy strive to grow our students into fruitful leaders by “Equipping the mind and educating the heart to impact the nation.”

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Give securely with EFT, credit card, or bill pay. Just click the computer to follow the link and designate "Student Sponsorship."

Give with Cash or Check

Download the form (by clicking the envelope) and mail your donation to the address listed. Please make checks out to "TeachBeyond" and leave the memo line blank.

All donations are tax deductible.