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Less than 25% of 6th grade students pass national exams.

DR students repeatedly place last when compared with other Latin American countries.


  • Pass
  • Fail

Language Arts

  • Pass
  • Fail
  • 2019 ERCE Math, % of Students Passing

ACA is different.

At Arbor Christian Academy, we have...


Our curriculum at ACA combines both Dominican and US educational standards. Instruction is given in English and Spanish, helping students to become fully bilingual. Additionally, unlike other local schools, our students are challenged to think critically, reason creatively, and problem solve together.


Christ is at the center of all we say and do. More than just writing our values on the walls, our students are taught how to be wise, courageous, relational, rooted in God’s word, and full of integrity. ACA is a safe place where students can ask hard questions and study the Word together.


ACA is owned and supported by TeachBeyond, a global missions organization that provides transformational education in order to see individuals and communities become all that God intends. Currently, TeachBeyond has projects in 72 countries around the world. Learn more about TeachBeyond HERE.


ACA is proud to be a bilingual-immersion school. Language learning happens best at an early age. For this reason, 50% of our core curriculum is taught in English and 50% in Spanish. It is our goal that students graduate from our programs fully bilingual, a highly coveted skill throughout the Dominican Republic.

We've outgrown our space.

Although renting space from a church worked for a time, we are landlocked and cannot continue to grow in this location. Furthermore, Dominican law prohibits churches and schools from sharing the same property.

With a larger campus, we could expand our current programming to include special education services, physical education/athletic teams, music and art education, second language support services, and afterschool activities. Additionally, this space will allow us to expand our TeachBeyond partner ministries, such as Descubre Inglés and Open Schools Worldwide.

The land is ours!

Our campus is designed to be built in three phases.


For years, our work has been made possible by donors like you.

Ellen and Jessica 2


Two donor-supported missionaries were sent to launch the project.

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-18 at 1.08.18 PM


More than seventy donors raised $70,000 USD to build the second level with four additional classrooms.

sponsorship 3


Individuals and churches came together to begin sponsoring students each month.



Our local and international community raised $400,000 USD to purchase 2.5 beautiful acres of land.

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