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Our Distinctives

English Immersion
Rigorous Standards
Christian Discipleship
Family Support Services
International Accountability
Community Outreach

Our Values


being grounded in knowledge and Biblical wisdom


choosing to persevere and be set apart in God's call


serving others with respect, generosity and love


having the qualities of reflection, growth and creativity while remaining a teachable, life-long learner


modeling truth and discernment in order to lead a life above reproach


"We were looking for the
light at the end of the
tunnel. Arbor Christian
Academy was that light."

- ACA parent

"Arbor Christian Academy is
the most fun and organized
school I know. My opinion of
this school is that they have
the most generous and kind
students and staff. They have
welcomed me here...and
brought me closer to God."

- 6th grade graduate


Acres of Impact

While our enrollment has doubled, our space has not. It’s time to move! Partner with us as we build a new campus to accommodate our growing student body. Click HERE to learn more.


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