Core Values

At Arbor Christian Academy, our desire is to help our students become fruitful leaders. A fruitful leader is one who positively impacts their world for Christ. We want to train children up to understand and embody the following traits:

  • Rooted: being grounded in knowledge and Biblical wisdom
  • Courageous: choosing to persevere and be set apart in God’s call
  • Relational: serving others with respect, generosity, and love
  • Wise: having the qualities of reflection, growth and creativity while remaining a teachable, life-long learner
  • Integrity: modeling truth and discernment in order to lead a life above reproach

Why Arbor?

The name Arbor reflects our desire to grow students like a tree through holistic education so that they may:

  • be rooted in knowledge and Christ’s teachings
  • rise up as tall, strong leaders
  • branch out to influence their communities
  • and bear good fruit as servant leaders in San Francisco and the world.


Make your family part of the Arbor Christian Academy family.